Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Patch 4.1

Its Tuesday again, and not just a regular tuesday maintence tuesday, its patch day! as boring as it is, and the fact that blizz lied (Big shocker there) its past the extended time (12:30 PST) and the realms are still not availible, I believe it is worth it since patch 4.1 looks cool, 2 new 5-mans (actually old raids, turned into dungeons /facepalm) and nerfs and buffs as with all patchs. you can find a list of all new updates here http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2657803#blog so go ahead and check that out... this is Dawn of Light signing out--

~No matter how much time it will take out of your busy schedule, ALWAYS PUNT THE FUCKING GNOME!!!~

The jouney rests, for now

Hello, its Goldenheart again. When we last left off i was on my ay thorugh Westfall. Through out my journey i did alot. When i arrived i brought some westfall stew with me which i did as instructed and gave it to hope saldean, she had me feed it to some hobos outide the city. some things happend and it was reveiled Hope Saldean was actually Vanessa VanCleef. Daughter of the late Edwin VanCleef, former leader of the Defias Brotherhood. Which instantly stung me wit regrt since i read in the stormwind library not long ago about my father, one of hisgreatest accomplishments was "Bringing EdwinVanCleef to justice". It was in fact is fault Vanessa was as crazy wih vengence as she is now. I watched hopelessly as she recreated the brotherhood. things in westfall are troubling as of late and thus i must go. goodbye, for now

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Golden Dawn

Today i accomplished alot, starting with Collecting Kelp fronds from murlocs to help two young lovers see each other, and slowly progressed to protecting Eastvale Logging Camp from wolfs and bears, culling a few bandits, and then capturing a particularly nasty gnoll known as Hogger. During these tasks, i completed my basic paladin training and Brother Willheim told me about the three branches on Paladins. First there is the "Holy" Paladin. The "Holy" Paladin focuses using his/her skills to heal the injured and focuses less on using his/her powers on fighting enemies. The "Holy" Paladin is the least common type according to Brother Willheim. Then there is the "Protection" Paladin. The "Protection" Paladin fights among the frontlines, focusing on using their powers to protect others. Brother Willheim also says they have an increased tolerancy for taking an asskicking. Last there is the "Retribution" Paladin. These paladins fight on the battlefeild focusing on using there powers to fight and slay their enemies and Azeroths enemies. After that lecture it was time for me to choose which branch i wanted to train in. After a long consideration, i decided to train in the Protection field. After that i headed off to Westfall, where i approached a grizzly crime scene. After wrestling a few bums for information i had two leads, which were usless. so the investegator sent me to different farms where i discovered that a group of four thugs were behind the murders. i was forced to kill them and then i heard a yelp from over near the main farmhouse, i went back to find my informant, also dead. The investegator sent me to the Saldean's farm. where i did a few tasks for them and they had no idea who could be behind such a crime. but they sent me to Sentinal hill with some Westfall Stew to give to their adopted daughter. When i got there i was exhausted, so i headed over to the Inn before doing anything and decided to sleep, so untill next time this is Goldenheart, protector of Azeroth.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

On a side note...

On a side note i fucking hate computer viruses!!!!!!! Now my desktop is farking infected so i gotta use the laptop!

~No matter how much time it will take out of your busy schedule ALWAYS PUNT THE FUCKING GNOME!!!~

A New Dawn

I am Goldenheart. I have started studying to become a Paladin. I was told i showed exceptional skill in using to light to help others. So i have finally come of age and have decided to train to become a full Silver Hand Paladin. So far i have managed to stop the Orcish invasion in Northshire Valley, my home. Then i went to Goldshire, where i currently am staying in The Lions Pride Inn. I managed to kill a few Kobolds, Help retrieve a necklace for some young broad, and a few other things such as kill a giant prized boar, which i realized was un-paladin-like, but i guess its okay since i was helping somebody. Anyway i have to sleep so i can help a young couple in love see each other.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Pilgrims Bounty!

Happy Pilgrims bounty one and all! this is the big boss DOL speaking for the entire team when i say i hope everyone has an amazing time today doing whatever their going to be doing, whether it be spending time with family and friends, to going out with that special someone to a one on one date. No matter how you spend your day today, i hope its magical, sooo have an amazing Pilgrims Bounty, and ill see you tomorrow for a emergency version of MarksManshipMondays

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

RANT: Tuesday maintence!

OMG! i go to log on to WoW and i see "Realms will be down from 3 am pst" and i think oh well at least im on EST +3 hours. and then i see "and until 11 am pst" and im like "WHHHAAAAATTTT!!!!!!! I CANT PLAY UNTIL 2 PM!!!!!!!! WTF!!!! OMFG!!!!" and then i cried a bit and then thought i would blog about it, leave me a comment saying what u do on tuesday downtime! Me personally i am going to read WoW comics and every single post ever published to www.wow.joystiq.com AKA the WoW Insider! until next time Cya folks!

~Remember no matter how much time it will take out of your busy schedule, ALWAYS PUNT THE GOD DAMNED GNOME!~